How to Send Certified Mail Online

How to Send Certified Mail Online

It is important to note that you can only send USPS Certified Mail in the United States including the US Virgin Islands, Pureto Rico and Guam.  Each letter is sent First-Class, Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery.  You can skip the trip to the Post Office by visiting and mailing a USPS Certified Mail letter from your computer.  

You can Send Certified Mail online without filling out those old fashioned green card forms and labels.  Any letter of document can be sent from your computer to be printed and mailed by Send Certified Mail. They laser full color or black/grey business letters for same business day mailing.  You recieve the USPS Proof of Mailing round stamp on the signed manifest, in-route USPS Certified Mail tracking and proof of each letters delivery. Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt Requested service can also include Signatures.  

To send Certified Mail the old fashoined way, you need to use Form 3800 — one of several USPS certified mail forms that allow you to have a secure form of delivery.  On the USPS certified mail forms 3800, you will need to provide both the sender and recipient’s name and mailing address.  If you are going to purchase additional delivery options when you send certified mail, then you should follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Return Receipt – if you would like a hard copy of the recipient signing for the item, then use USPS certified mail forms 3811.  Complete the back of the card with the mailing address that you would like the receipt mailed to once the delivery of the item is complete.  Form 3800 has a peel-and-stick tracking number that you can stick on the return receipt for easy tracking when you send certified mail.
  2. Restricted Delivery – If you wish to restrict delivery of the item only to the intended party, then you will need to pay the extra postage fee.  However, if you are requesting a return receipt, then you will need to also check box 4 on USPS certified mail forms 3811.

Customers are able to know when the item is delivered to the recipient when they send certified mail online by email or checking the delivery reports stored inside their free online mailing account. Additional USPS Certified Mail forms provide an array of services, such as:

  • Electronic Delivery Option – pay an increased postage charge to send certified mail that has an electronic record of delivery.
  • Return Receipt – pay an additional charge to have a signed record that the intended recipient received the item.
  • Restricted Delivery – pay an additional charge to restrict the delivery of the item only to the party named on the document.

The United States Postal Service is a government institution that has been in existence for hundreds of years.  Their primary duty is to deliver letters and packages.  In order to send these items, a consumer must place the appropriate postage paid that is representative of the size, weight and destination.

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